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We at ratcliff farms want to keep our vistoirs informed of all minor or major projects we undertake.

Upcoming Project

New Christmas Tree Orchard

We're continually looking to the future, finding new ways to enrich our ecosystem while minimizing the farm's carbon footprint.

Upcoming Project

Residential Solar Facility

Our expanded solar farm, represents our commitment to intensify renewable energy use.

Upcoming Project

New Chestnut

Chestnut orchards on the farm paint a picture of rustic charm and agricultural bounty.

Upcoming Project

New Lambing

A lamb birth facility, often nestled in the serene expanse of a farm, is a place of both tender care and vibrant new beginnings.

Upcoming Project

New Beekeeping Updates

Beekeeping, an ancient practice that resonates with the rhythm of nature, is a fascinating blend of art and science.

We’re also passionate about treading lightly on the planet, preserving its bounties for generations to come. That's why we've integrated the power of the sun into our daily operations, employing solar power to run our farm as efficiently as possible.


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