Somewhere along the way we’ve learned a business needs not only to describe itself but also needs to state  a “Mission” to declare its purpose, a” Vision” to serve as a guide for the future, and “Values” to help define who and what we are. So here begins our business and our journey with you.

Who We Are…

Ratcliff Farms is a 2nd Generation family owned “all natural beef” farm. We pride ourselves on producing grass-fed beef free of added hormones, steroids, and antibiotics.


Our Mission

Ratcliff Farms mission is to provide you with thehighest quality, great tasting, all natural beef available.

Our Vision

  • Continuously strive to improve and provide an exceptional quality, flavorful, and wholesome all natural beef.
  • Committed to customer satisfaction
  • Prosper and expand Ratcliff Farms to become a leading all natural beef farm in America

Our Values

  • We at Ratcliff Farms are highly committed to honesty and integrity
  • Our cattle will always be treated humanely
  • Our Customers are valuable and shall be treated respectfully

-Steve & Terri Ratcliff

Product Price Per Pound
Hamburger $6.00/lb
Roast $8.00/lb
Ribeye $18.00/lb
NY Strip $16.00/lb
Filets $21.00/lb
Cube Steak $7.00/lb
  • All Natural
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Steroid Free, No Added Hormones
  • Grass fed plus a special blend of all natural grains